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Statistics in Transition

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Statistics in Transition (SiT) is an international journal published jointly by the Polish Statistical Association (PTS) and the Central Statistical Office of Poland (CSO/GUS), which sponsors this publication.  Launched in 1993, it was issued twice a year until 2006; since then it appears - under a slightly changed title, Statistics in Transition  new series - three times a year; prospectively, four times a year.

The journal provides a forum for exchange of ideas and experience amongst members of international community of statisticians, data producers and users, including researchers, teachers, policy makers and the general public. Its initially dominating focus on statistical issues pertinent to transition from centrally planned to a market-oriented economy has gradually been extended to embracing statistical problems related to development and modernization of the system of public (official) statistics, in general.

All the submitted papers are peer-reviewed by high-level academicians and other experts (including policymakers and practitioners).

ISSN 1234-7655       e-ISSN 2450-0291

Statistics in Transition new series vol 20 No 3